2015 Summer Sessions Course Highlights

Summer sessions is bursting with a variety of course options, offered face-to-face or online, including a 7-day Great Smoky Mountain unique course opportunity! Designed for individuals interested in learning about the natural environment. See all course listings

A Few Summer I Highlights:

Concepts of Biochemistry (Face-to-face course) Short course in fundamentals of the chemistry of living systems with an introduction to major categories of biochemical substance, metabolic pathways, and principles of biochemical information transfer.

Introduction to Appalachian Studies (online course) Through comparison with other cultural groups, explores humanistic problems of cultural identity, race and ethnicity, and globalization.

Literature and Cinema (online course) Focus on works of literature and the films into which they have been transformed; emphasis on differences between media.

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A Few Summer II Highlights:

Animal Physiology and Anatomy (Face-to-face course and laboratory) First introduced in the 2013 Summer Academy, this course is ideal for transfer students to learn the basic concepts and principles of physiology and anatomy in the summer as they make the transition to Virginia Tech. The course is also available to returning students.

Vector Geometry (online course) This course, along with 1114 and 1205-1206, constitute the freshman science and engineering mathematics course.

Natural History of the Great Smoky Mountains (Special studies course) Seven-day residential experience (August 3-9) at the Great Smoky Mountains providing an unsurpassed natural laboratory for ecological and biological course fieldwork.

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